Bearings in Consett

Transmission products and components are in great demand these days in most of the industries in United Kingdom. The need for Castors, Bearings and Drive Belts are in great demand in industries in Consett. As a prominent supplier in these industrial equipments and machinery products Gateshead Bearings Group has been the most reliable name for customers. In its 100 years of uninterrupted service in the industry, they have supplied all types of Oil Seals and Drive Chains which are widely used in industries like marine and automotive engineering, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, fabrication, logistics, construction, paper and pulp, oil and gas, water and wind production, power generation, transmission and distribution.

Highlights of the company are the production of bearings and its kinds. They are the leading suppliers and have an image among the consumers which cannot be seen in any other company. They deliver high end Bearings starting from Oilite Bearings, Needle Bearings to Ball & Roller Bearings. They have many more related products like the Self Lube Bearings, Taper Roller Bearings in their stock which comes in a pocket friendly price with fast delivery. The Gateshead Bearings have a successful rate of customer satisfaction and never have a track record of misleading its customers. All the products that are being supplied are ATEX approved and the Drive Belts manufactured are of FRAS tested. They provide the highly reliable transmission products for better performance in machinery.